Grading the Oysters

At the grading table

Grading of oysters is a specialised process done by a combination of machine and human hand. Experienced graders first assess the oysters for shape and remove any that do not conform to the standard shape index. Any mussels which have attached themselves are also removed as are dead shells, doubles (oysters that have fused together), small crabs etc. The oysters then pass onto an electronic grading machine which sorts the oysters according to their weights. They are then returned to the training park for a further period of training, and to recover from the grading process.

  • No.0 Grade 150gm+
  • No.1 Grade 111gm – 149gm
  • No.2 Grade 86gm to 110gm
  • No.3 Grade 66gm -85gm
  • No.4 Grade 46gm – 65gm