Bia Mara Special Oyster

The quality of oysters produced here in Dungarvan have improved year by year as producers grow in experience and expertise. Dungarvan bay now produces a significant quantity of the top quality of oysters known as ‘Speciales’. To qualify as a Speciale an oyster must meet very high standards. They must be of a very good shape – well rounded with a teardrop shape. The meat must not be milky and should fill the oyster shell. The shell should be hard, and clear of fouling inside and out.

Bia Mara (Déise) Teo. has been farming oysters since 1989 and has set about modernising and improving farming operations in the last few years. Over the last few years Bia Mara have been producing a limited quantity of the Bia Mara Special Oyster. These are ‘speciales’ of the highest quality, and in a short time have come to be very much demanded in France by those who have discovered that these are oysters of rare quality.